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Webinar: Tools to Optimize Quality Dementia Care  | AL & SNF | 9 - 11 AM

Thursday, July 14, 2022


Behaviors like catastrophic outbursts and agitation often result from inability to communicate, need for emotional security, sensory issues like overstimulation, or staff responses that do not support purposeful and meaningful engagement.  Behaviors in persons with dementia often go unaddressed because providers lack strategies to address these or use interventions not based on the evidence and, therefore, not effective. 

In this session, participants will be offered innovative approaches to facilitate quality dementia care and reduce behaviors. Sensory stimulation uses everyday objects to arouse one or more of the five senses with the goal of either engaging or calming an individual.  Additionally, participants will learn how sensory stimulation impacts the person living with dementia, and how to set up a room or a space in their community using best practice design principles.  This session will offer a “design on a dime” approach to a sensory room and demonstrate to providers how to set up a room or space of their own so they can further impact the quality of life of persons with dementia without relying on pharmacology. 

Participants will also learn from a Montessori specialist about the Montessori principles of independence according to one’s ability and the benefits of the prepared activity environment.  Specifically, participants will learn the fundamental principles of the Montessori method, how to conduct a Montessori-based session, Montessori-based steps to engagement that reduce unwanted behaviors, issues that may arise with this approach, and using case studies and video examples, how to set up activities/tasks for individuals with dementia using a Montessori Approach.  These approaches are not just for activities and this session will address how everyone on the multi-disciplinary team can implement these to help residents living with dementia to live their best life.


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Dr. Kathleen Weissberg, (MS in OT, 1993; Doctoral 2014) in her 25+ years of practice, has worked in rehabilitation and long-term care as an executive, researcher, and educator.  She has established numerous programs in nursing facilities; authored peer-reviewed publications on topics such as low vision, dementia quality care, and wellness; has spoken at numerous conferences both nationally and internationally, for 20+ State Health Care Associations, and for 25+ state LeadingAge affiliates.  She provides continuing education support to over 17,000 therapists, nurses, and administrators nationwide as National Director of Education for Select Rehabilitation. She is a Certified Dementia Care Practitioner and a Certified Montessori Dementia Care Practitioner.  She serves as the Region 1 Director for the American Occupational Therapy Association Political Affairs Affiliates and is an adjunct professor at Chatham University and Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA, and Gannon University in Erie, PA.