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Webinar: Beyond Burnout. Why Overwhelm is a Serious Threat to Your Team & the Bottom Line & What You Can Do to Prevent It | AL & SNF | 9 - 11 AM

Thursday, July 28, 2022


In 2019 the World Health Organization cited workplace burnout as an occupational phenomenon, with an estimated cost of $190 billion a year to industries.  In this session, we will dive into what burnout looks like in our industry.  Participants will be provided with scientific background into the neurological aspects of how our brains are designed and how stress affects them.  In addition, participants will learn specific tools to help identify burnout in themselves or team members early in the process and how to effectively intervene to help prevent further occurrences.  Throughout this session, attendees will be able to look at how stress affects productivity and the bottom line and identify tools on how to run more efficient operations with a lower risk of overwhelm for the organization.  This isn't another superficial session that teaches you how to take deep breaths, but rather takes an in-depth approach into the neuroscience of how our brains process stress, identify why specific interventions work better than others, and offers tangible steps that leaders can take today to help decrease their chances of burning out and help their team do the same.


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Samantha Jones, Regional Senior Care Operator and Executive Coach, brings over 20 years of experience leading teams to positive outcomes in the complex and constantly evolving world of post-acute care.  Her extensive leadership experience and background as a clinical counselor give her the expertise to manage teams with vision and decisiveness. Samantha has always been passionate about helping individuals and businesses maximize their potential. With a foundation as a clinical counselor with a master’s degree in Clinical Counseling, Samantha has seamlessly transitioned from healthcare administration to leadership roles and executive coaching. By applying the proven counseling principle of listening first to understand her clients’ needs and goals, Samantha can help executives and teams achieve measurable success.