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WHCA Webinar: The Unexpected Benefits of Client-Centered Care: Pain Reduction, Skin Integrity, and Reduced Falls | AL/ESF/SNF

Thursday, November 9, 2023


With healthcare roles more delineated, information sharing is now more important than ever. But that is not enough. We must put the whole team into action to address common problems with life threatening consequences that plague our elderly population. Additionally, the best of intentions can fall flat if we do not consider the personal history, residual memories, interests, and goals of the client. That requires including the client, the team, and the caregiver in the plan.  This webinar will bring to light strategies that are practical, functional, and helpful with pain management, protection of skin integrity and reduction of falls. New ideas and updates on current research, creative strategies, and emerging technologies will be shared.

Upon completion of this course, learners will be able to:

  • List strategies to identify the differing ways pain is expressed by our clients and apply practical ways to address it
  • Describe Client-centered ways to maintain skin integrity and prevent skin breakdown
  • Describe fall reduction and prevention strategies and incorporate them into client-centered plans

This webinar will remind you of forgotten tools and bring new strategies that are reasonable and effective. Taking a focused approach to all three areas, pain, skin, and falls will produce positive outcomes in the numerous needs of the elderly population. Some of which will prove surprising!


$39 per facility              WHCA Member Rate

$78 per facility              Non-WHCA Member Rate

You may have as many people join in as you would like—one phone/computer may log in per registration! Please register only one person for the webinar unless a second individual plans to log in from a separate location.

Login and dialing instructions will be emailed on the day prior to the webinar.

Two CEUs will be granted to each individual who completes the live webinar presentation.


Kari K. Brizendine, PT, CWS, CDP, CADDCT, CMDCP

Education Specialist, Select Rehabilitation, Inc.

Kari, a Physical Therapist, is a graduate from Virginia Commonwealth University/Medical College of Virginia. An Education Specialist for Select Rehab, one of our nation’s largest long-term care rehab providers, Kari has spent over 39 years working with the geriatric population in a multitude of clinical settings where she has been responsible for patient care, clinical programming, education, and staff development. She chaired and developed a wound team at a state facility for individuals with developmental disabilities and has provided wound care in a multitude of clinical settings including acute and long-term care. Her most recent interest has been working with Artificial Intelligence as it relates to fall prevention and reduction. She is a Certified Wound Specialist through the American Board of Wound Management, a Certified Dementia Practitioner and Trainer through the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners, a Certified Montessori Dementia Care Professional and she is LSVT Big Certified. Her predominant interest has been in serving those with dementia, their caregivers, healthcare providers and families, with the message that each person with dementia continues to have a life that matters, and that quality is possible if we all join that person using his or her personal interests, residual skills and memories in what she calls “My Way”. She is the co-author of My Past is Now My Future: A Practical Guide to Dementia Possible Care and author of Though You Do Not Know My Name I Know You Love Me Just the Same.