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Dementia Specialty Training

RESCHEDULED: February 20 & 21 | 9 - 11 am and 1 - 3 pm


Assisted living providers are required to comply with Chapter 388-112A WAC related to staff training and development. As part of these requirements, administrators or their designee(s) who want to train caregivers in the specialty topics of dementia and mental health must complete specialized training in order to qualify as a facility-based trainer. These intensive training sessions prepare administrators or their designated trainers to successfully pass the mandated competency tests required in the specialty topics of dementia and mental health. These courses are designed to make it easy to complete one or both specialty topics. Training and testing are done over two days for dementia specialties. This course’s final session includes a test; the attendees must be on camera to complete the exam.

The Dementia Specialty Training course is being offered virtually and require participants to engage in each session to complete the course. Participants will need a quiet place without interruption as they will be required to engage in each session via video and audio to ensure participation in discussion and small group activities that are part of the course.

This intensive virtual training sessions is twofold: it will prepare administrators or their designated trainers to successfully pass the mandated competency test required in order to partially fulfill the expectations to become a trainer for caregiver employees; caregivers are also welcome to take this class to fulfill their training requirements (even if they have no plans to teach the class).  A test is given on the last day of class (January 10); attendees must be on camera to complete the exam. Individuals who attend the full course and pass the exam will receive their certification to partially qualify them to apply with DSHS to become a facility-based trainer in that specialty field*.

*attendees must also complete a DSHS-approved adult education course and apply to DSHS to become an approved facility trainer.  Guidance on how to complete this process will be covered in class.


$109 per person              WHCA Member Rate

$218 per person              Non-WHCA Member Rate


Vicki McNealley, PhD, MN, RN, is the Director of Assisted Living for the Washington Health Care Association (WHCA). Vicki is directly responsible for supporting WHCA member assisted living providers through regulatory clarification, nurse consultation, facility system evaluation, advocacy, and education. Vicki is responsible for developing and implementing WHCA programs to support providers in these areas. As staff liaison for the Assisted Living Quality and Regulatory Executive Advisory Committee, Vicki works with members to promote quality care and services at every level. Vicki spent ten years as the assisted living director for WHCA prior to serving as the Corporate Director of Regulatory Compliance for Village Concepts for over six years. She has extensive experience as a teacher, consultant and provider and has been involved in assisted living operations and policy work since 1999. Vicki has served as a national award reviewer for the American Health Care Association and worked closely with the American Assisted Living Nurses Association to develop its certification exam. Vicki is a registered nurse with a master’s degree in community health nursing and a doctorate degree in nutrition.