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WHCA Leadership & Communication Webinar Series | AL/ESF/SNF

June 15, July 13, July 27, August 10, August 24, September 7, 2023


This dynamic webinar series is built on the premise that leadership is not about a role or position but an attitude and that everyone can choose to step into leadership in the systems where they work and where they live. Based on the principles and practices of Nonviolent Communication, each session is created to be engaging and fun with lots of skill-building. Let’s get curious together and delve into topics like transforming judgments, creating relational boundaries, resolving conflict, sharing appreciation, and how to handle situations when a resident (or anyone else!) does something we don’t enjoy. These sessions support staff to operationalize the regulations to create trauma-informed environments and provide behavioral health care, integrate person-centered care, manage risk, and meet Phase 3 training requirements. What makes this webinar series unique is that the content and the skills are just as important at home with our families and friends as well as in the communities where we live.

The topics for this series are as follows:

  • June 15, 9-11 AM | Changing the Workplace Culture by Growing Our Capacity for Empathy
  • July 13, 9-11 AM | Transforming Our Judgments to Discover What’s Important & What We Need
  • July 27, 9-11 AM | Relational Boundaries: Why is this so Difficult & Can It Be Easier?!
  • August 10, 9-11 AM | “Refusing” Care & Other Reactions: The Impact of Trauma & Figuring Out Next Steps with Nonviolent Communication Language Skills
  • August 24, 9-11 AM | Using Nonviolent Communication Language Skills for Conflict Resolution
  • September 7, 9-11 AM | Going Beyond “Great Job!” with Appreciation that Impacts Lives


$195 per person, 6 sessions              WHCA Member Rate

$390 per person, 6 sessions              Non-WHCA Member Rate


$39 per invidual session        WHCA Member Rate

$78 per invidual session                Non-WHCA Member Rate

Login and dialing instructions will be emailed on the day prior to the webinar.

2 CEUs will be issued per webinar
12 CEUs will be granted to each individual who completes all 6 live webinar presentations. For anyone who completes the full series will receive a micro certification.


Paige Hector, LMSW, is a featured speaker at health care conferences on diverse topics for post-acute and long-term care settings. Her presentations and trainings are entertaining, filled with real-life examples and experiences. She highlights the joys and tackles the challenges of working in these settings and is committed to finding solutions that work for the whole.